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export SINGULARITYENV_GAUDPT=/path/to/your/udpt
export SINGULARITYENV_GADDIR=/path/to/your/data/directory


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shaima0d@cdl3> salloc -p debug
salloc: Granted job allocation 24441493
shaima0d@gateway1> srun --pty bash
shaima0d@nid00009> module load singularity
shaima0d@nid00009> export SINGULARITYENV_GAUDPT=/scratch/shaima0d/grads_test/grads_data/udpt
shaima0d@nid00009> export SINGULARITYENV_GADDIR=/scratch/shaima0d/grads_test/grads_data
shaima0d@nid00009> singularity exec grads_2.2.1.sif grads -bl

Grid Analysis and Display System (GrADS) Version 2.2.1
Copyright (C) 1988-2018 by George Mason University
See file COPYRIGHT for more information

Config: v2.2.1 little-endian readline grib2 netcdf hdf4-sds hdf5 opendap-grids geotiff shapefile
Issue 'q config' and 'q gxconfig' commands for more detailed configuration information
GX Package Initialization: Size = 11 8.5 
Running in Batch mode
ga-> open model.ctl
Scanning description file:  model.ctl
Data file model.dat is open as file 1
LON set to 0 360 
LAT set to -90 90 
LEV set to 1000 1000 
Time values set: 1987:1:2:0 1987:1:2:0 
E set to 1 1 
ga-> set gxout shaded
ga-> set display color white
ga-> c
ga-> d ps
Contouring: 500 to 1000 interval 50 
ga-> gxprint ps.eps
Created EPS file ps.eps
ga-> quit
GX Package Terminated