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Welcome to KAUST, and as an Ibex user, as If you are a first-time user, I will point you to several resources :

First of all, Ibex 101, please go over the slides and demos, so you know all the resources and different commands you can use in the cluster. This is important information that will certainly refer be referred to several times


Then there is the KAUST Visualization Youtube ChannelYouTube channel. Here, you will find several tutorials of the Data science workshops and many more. These videos are very helpful because there they talk about the best way to install libraries and the best practices when you are going to use Ibex and train in writing code

When you have a problem use the ticketing system

In order for us to offer a better service when answering tickets, we strongly suggest you please include the following information. This will avoid the typical ping-pong between us and you asking for this information:

  • Your login name

  • On what cluster or server or compute node you are having issues.

  • If you are logged in, the output of the following command can be very useful for us: ''hostname -s ''

  • If you do not know the name of the cluster or node, what command did you use to connect? For example: ''ssh ilogin''

  • If you are having issues with a SLURM job, please also include the Job_ID. This should have been sent to you via e-mail when you submitted the job.

  • The steps you took or the command you are running, for example:

  • I log into the Ibex cluster/Shaheen II Supercomputer by typing ''ssh ...''

  • I run my SLURM batch script ''sbatch my_script''

  • 20 minutes later I got the following error I attached it to this ticket or pasted it below

  • The behavior you are seeing, including any error messages. You can copy and paste or upload the complete error you get.

  • The behavior you expect to see. For example:

Last night I ran the same job with this input file (path to the file) and it created this results file (path to the results file).

  • The programming environment you are using (e.g., compiler, libraries, applications, modules loaded, Python environment, ...) if any

  • The modules you have loaded. This can be obtained by typing: ''module list''

  • Please do not open duplicate tickets

  • Please keep tickets focused on 1 subject. If the subject changes, please open another ticket.

  • Please do NOT e-mail us directly, or open tickets with your issues since the ticketing systems allow for all the Team to be aware of issues, follow-ups, history of events/issues, ...

Join the Slack Channel

Finally, I recommend joining the ibex slack channel ( ). There, you will find a lot of questions already resolved by the ibex team, and you can ask more questions. Moreover, we announce the workshops and training sessions there so that you will know the next dates. 

About Python packages and other related software

On the topic of Python and software installation on Ibex, we have many users and many projects working and running at the same time, to avoid the problem of dependencies breaking all these works (and avoiding inflicting pain on the users), we recommend managing your python environment and other software yourself. For that, there is documentation (among the links mentioned above), and also we have a video on the channel on how to do that