Kaldi speech analysis with Singularity on Ibex


Access Ibex

In your terminal:

ssh your-username@glogin.ibex.kaust.edu.sa

Load Singularity

module load singularity

Pull Image from NVIDIA NGC

I am assuming that you have registered with NVIDIA NGC and created an API key which is required to access NGC image registry. If not, please follow this page to do so:



To pull the latest image from NGC registry for Kaldi you can invoke the following command:

cd $HOME export SINGULARITY_TMPDIR=$HOME singularity pull docker://nvcr.io/nvidia/kaldi:20.11-py3

This may take a few 10s of minutes.

The image will be downloaded and be converted to a format that Singularity understands, called SIF file or Singularity Image File. Once you have a SIF file you are ready to run the container.

Running the container


Batch job as jobscript