Madagascar GPU

This page describes how to build madagascar 3.0.1 from source on Ibex from the GitHub repo: git clone

First login to glogin login node on Ibex. This will give you access the GPU stack installed on Ibex.

ssh glogin


Now load the environment of choice. Here we are attempting to use Intel compiler version 19..5 to compile madagascar.

module load openmpi/4.0.3-cuda10.2 module load gcc/6.4.0 module load fftw/3.3.7 module load swig/4.0.1 module load lapack/3.9.0 module load python/3.7.0 module load scons/4.0.1

For GPU enabled Madagascar I used the master branch of GitHub repository RSFSRC. First clone this repository.

git clone

Once you have the source, the following needs to be modified (added) to SConstruct so the scons environment know where is what:

Another fix is required in SConstruct in a user code:

We are now ready to run a parallel build. For example, we want to install madagascar in /ibex/scratch/$USER/madagascar:

Runtime environment

Before using madagascar you will need to setup the environment: